My Connection

Objective: Develop an advertising solicitation spot to encourage clients to advertise on

My Connection is the section of the site where users can check webmail, voicemail, access the latest news, weather and sports and see what is on tv and On DEMAND.. It is the community's to online connection to what is happening today.

Cox 411 | Mobile Text

Objective: Develop an integrated creative marketing campaign to promote Cox Media's Mobile Text Advertising product, proving how the power of television can be enhanced with mobile and web-based applications.

Online, offline, on-air and digital solutions and promotions were designed as part of an ongoing comprehensive campaign.

On Demand

Objective: Create a :30 spots that includes a channel the viewer can go to to rent the movie. This channel takes them directly to On DEMAND to rent immediately without having to navigate.

This video shows the viewer experience of watching the commercial, going to the channel and then taking them directly to the movie rental screen.

This is an ongoing project for all New Releases, and other On DEMAND content.

Objective: Design a new website for Cox Media, the cable advertising sales division of Cox Digital Cable.

Responsible for developing the online strategy, information architecture, defining functionality, user experience, UI design, motion graphic design, pre and post video production, content creation and editing and usability testing while providing brand and creative direction.


Objective: Create an original game for the iPhone that combines the classic attributes on of an rpg with a story and characters designed for a younger audience.

Cheebles leverages many iphones features such as it's accelerometer and gps to enhance game play.

Cheebles is currently in production and will be available on Apple's App Store in 2010.

Audible glamour

Audible glamour is a web, video and multimedia design studio located in Atlanta, GA.

Specializing in web site design & development, graphic design, interface design, multimedia, branding and corporate identity design services.

We also offer full video post production and motion graphics services.